Locks & Miscellaneous Door Hardware

We sell a variety of Baldwin locks and accessories to accompany our door hardware.

Prices on Baldwin locks vary on the application. Additional items may be required to install your lock correctly.

Please call with the following information to help us choose the correct lock for your application:

Craftsmen Hardware Company, LTD

How does your door open? A B C D

What is the width of the stile?

What is the door's thickness?

What type of door do you have? (Examples: Flush Door, Panel Door, French Door, Metal Door, Metal Clad, etc.)

Is your door... a passage door? an entry? a closet? a bathroom door? a bedroom door? a double door entry? a double door interior? other?

Is your door... New? Old? Painted? Stained?

If old, what type of hardware is on the door? Cylindrical? Mortise? Rim?

If cylindrical, how many holes are bored through the door?

Do you know the brand of your door's existing lock?

What is your door's backset (from the edge of the door to the center of the knob)? 2-1/2" or 2-3/4"?